As a member, you will receive the support and advice from the following collaborators for any queries you may have:

  • Legal Advisor: Mr. Juan Janer Bosch, who will help you in any legal matter related to our profession.
  • Valuation Advisor: Mr. Damián García Martorell, who will help you in any matter related to property valuations.
  • Urban Planning Law Advisor: Mr. Juan Alemany Garcias, who is available by appointment to answer to your questions and help you in any urban planning related aspect.



The Association of Estate Agents of the Balearic Islands provides its members with a telematic approval tool to electronically approve all valuations and appraisals that are commissioned to them. For further information on the use of this tool, please read the Electronic Approval Manual available in the private area under the files section. All members wishing to take advantage of this service must have a digital certificate.



As a member of API Baleares, you will have free access to the “Casos Reales” website, an improved version of the Economist & Jurist database, including all kinds of legal information, jurisprudence, legislation and documents to help you in your work.



Training is one of the core pillars of our association, with actions developed jointly with the Official Association. As a member of API Baleares, you will have free or cheaper access to all the training courses and talks we organise. If you are unable to attend, the session will be streamed online for you to follow afterwards. A private access code is required to view the sessions.



All API Baleares members benefit from very favourable conditions at better prices when taking out civil liability insurance, which is mandatory.


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