To join the Association of Estate Agents of the Balearic Islands you must take an estate training course through the training centre “PEDRO DEL BARCO FORMACION, CONSULTORIA Y MENTORIA, S.L.U.”

It is a blended learning course lasting about 225 hours, of which 16 are face-to-face at the headquarters of our association. Students from Ibiza and Minorca can follow the training sessions on Zoom. The date of the exam can be proposed by the students themselves according to their level of preparation.

Property Registration Law
Town Planning Law
Estate Development
Property Valuations
Property Taxation
Property MarketingPrevention of Money Laundering


The course syllabus would cover the following:

The syllabus will be sent to each student upon payment of the course fee.

The cost of the Estate Training Course is €350.00 subject to the prior submission of the membership application documents.

The course fee for non-members amounts to €600,00.

Members of COAPI and API Baleares can also take part in refresher courses for only €50,00.



1.1 Introduction: Economic & Legal Importance
2.1 Estate Development
2.2 Marketing
Teacher: Pedro García

2.3 Professional Estate Law
2.4 Professional Code of Ethics for Estate Professionals
2.5 Consumer Rights in the Purchase and Rental of Housing
Teacher: Pedro Munar

3.1 Rights in rem
3.2 Sale Contracts I
3.3 Sale Contracts II
3.4 Property Registration Law
3.5 Land Registry
3.6 Registration Procedure
3.7 Security rights in rem, Mortgage
3.8 Tenancy Contracts I
3.9 Tenancy Contracts II
3.10 Tenancy Contracts III
3.11 Condominium I: Establishment & Dissolution
3.12 Condominium II: Analogous Legal Concepts

Professional Estate Law

4.1 Introduction to Valuations
4.2 Regulations applicable to Property Appraisals & Valuations
4.3 Valuation Methods
4.4 Valuation of Estate and Rights
4.5 Valuation Reports & Certificates

Teacher: José Mª Pérez (lawyer and property administrator)
Teacher: Luis Díaz (Tecnitasa representative – Property valuations)
Teacher: to be appointed (Taxation)

Information and personalised phone advice on training: Marina Sánchez (Pedro del Barco) 971 90 41 41.

Information and personalised phone advice on membership matters: Maria Bonet (COAPI and API Baleares Association) 971 75 97 45.

Further qualifications that we also accept when applying for membership:

Estate Agent Training delivered by “Euroinnova Formación”, approved by the Miguel de Cervantes European University.

Expert Training in Estate Management delivered by “Tago Estudios”, a centre associated with the National Association of Distance Learning Centres (ANCED).

The membership application document includes both the application form to join the Association, the documents to be submitted, as well as the fees to be paid for registration. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.